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Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 16:47:32 Id:585e99 No. 982
Why does /pol/ try so hard to say "racemixing" is a sin and want me to marry one of these harlots? Why can't I marry a chaste Asian Christian and be happy? They always quote Old Testament Leviticus laws about worshiping other gods from foreign wives, but that has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with pagan religions.
>>270 Kinism >>9267 Christian Identity
>>984 Looks like heresy.
>>982 The problem is not the racemixing/natural racemixing as much as all the pro-racemix propaganda and the relationships that come up from it. Even the more, that naturally some men are left out. Theres always some more boys born, than girls. NATURALLY. So taking the white mans woman, while in the white mans country, causes havoc, causes loneliness, desperation (sexually and mentally) and is nothing to strive for, for a working society. You get the concept that racemixing on a natural scale only happens very rarely. You get the concept that there is a natural surplus of men already. Also you get the concept that most of the invaders aren't even christian but are muslim or something else... Jesus is the word, is logic and logos and sometimes you got to think through things, too. Watch them from a different perspective, a different view and use logic. And what is unnatural racemixing that is induced through medial brainwashing.... >>984 Second link (9267) is broken.
>>994 Should be >>927 Racemixing is a problem coerced or not. The fact that it's being pushed is telling.
(11.95 KB 230x219 1565912675134.jpg)
>>995 It really isn't.
>>996 It really is. Make your way to the Kinist thread and refute the Kinist argument if you really have anything to say.
>>997 The fact that it orignated in the 1990s refutes it. A doctrine never held by the Church.
>>998 You're thinking of CI which kinism denounces. Kinism is all over church history.
>>982 If you are white why would want to waste your God given seed? Most white traits are recessive so your child will lose most of your gifted traits if you miscegenate.
>>999 The burden of proof would be on you to demonstrate it.
(49.59 KB 680x540 catholic veil woman.jpg)
>>982 A false dilemma fallacy is where the argument is based on two choices when there isn't really just two choices, e.g. an Asian christian or an obese blue haired "harlot". We all see the fallacy, of course, but we feel a need to respond to this kind of silly trolling.
>>1006 >>1010 You avoid the question.and call it trolling. Why do any of you say that it is a sin or wrong? The fact stands that white women are not of good quality for a wife or mother. Asian women are, and they are more genuine Christians rather than virtue signalling grifters. Why do you and /pol/ lie about what is in the Bible? It is not a sin to marry another Christian, regardless or race or ethnicity. Whether it's politically considered acceptable is irrelevant.
(221.44 KB 2000x678 1574729284691.jpg)
(910.13 KB 1866x790 1574728782255.png)
(294.03 KB 877x746 1574729353889.png)
>>1027 >>1027 >rather than virtue signalling grifters Ain't that the truth
>>1027 >You avoid the question.and call it trolling. I didn't call racemixing a sin, tho in the Catholic Church one must marry within the church. And it is trolling because it's a false dilemma and not an honest question. I go to Mass on Sunday and see many white women of great quality and principles who make great wives and mother. Your racist hate of white women is noted.
>>1054 >racist hate Talk about trolling. This has to be bait.
>>1055 Was I wrong in that hating white people is racist? I don't think so. When OP says that his choice is between an asian woman and a obese white harlot that is an absolute and false generalization and is racist against white.
>>1056 You're in the right. It's a question asked in bad faith. >>982 No one is making you date fatties OP, just admit you have a degenerate asian fetish and ask God to heal your distorted cumbrain. Maybe hit a gym too
>>1057 >degenerate to be attracted to chaste types of women >racist if you're white and don't like your women Lmao, this place might as well be /pol/ with white worship like this. It's so horrible to want a good wife and mother for your children must be a nasty fetish. Top lel.
>>1058 Just go raise a good Christian family. Better to have a proper defense before the dread judgement seat of Christ.
>>1058 >white worship like this. You keep throwing out logical fallacies. It is pointed out that not all white women are fact social "harlots" and you call that "white worship". You are clearly here to troll and not discuss.
(75.04 KB 680x884 d0e.jpg)
>>1058 Yes. It's pretty degenerate if you are white and you have no in-group preference. Stop watching porn and go to church and your brain will hopefully reset. Lord help us, this is surely a generation of vipers or at the very least (((useful))) idiots
(797.79 KB 1080x897 yes.png)
>>1058 There's a reason why ancient japanese art was more degenrate than its western counterpart.
(357.56 KB 453x566 1573930015761.png)
>>982 >They always quote Old Testament Leviticus laws about worshiping other gods from foreign wives, but that has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with pagan religions. >>1027 >Why do you and /pol/ lie about what is in the Bible? It is not a sin to marry another Christian, regardless or race or ethnicity. <Christians take passages out of context and try to twist them to promote their own ideology Welcome to Christianity it was always like this in every denomination. The same is true for practically every christian doctrine. Yes even the divinity of Jesus. Hell and souls are another thing that is twisted like this. Basically the bible is a book full of stupid stories that make next to no sense whatsoever or have any meaning. Religion is a mental defect. And religioninsts like christians are simply making s--- up and pretending like its in the text. Its stupid wrong or literally insane(schizophrenia) and why atheists ridicule religion. Wake up from this delusion and realize that all your passages don't support anything you believe in. Apologists exist only to invent bulls--- to make their made up crap sound biblical to people who already hold their belief, they are excuse manufacturers. Your beliefs have nothing to do with the bible and everything to do what your parents indoctrinated you into and what you liked what others made up and called christian. This is why you get atheists who read the bible all the time. When you finally realize that nothing you say makes sense you realize what cancer religion is. You are nothing more then a bunch of crazies who are making s--- up because they are mentally defective. Want me to show you another trick Christians do? <Everything in the bible I don't like is parable or metaphor <Everything I like in the bible is literal and super serious! And this is the entire trick to Christianity. You are just crazies who are suffering from a mind virus and making all of this up. Wake up.
(39.64 KB 825x635 9fb.png)
(281.77 KB 680x672 1b4.png)
>>1383 >Stop using standards meme.jpg Taking your silly argument seriously its not my standard its your own. It is you self contradicting yourself. I did not write >They always quote Old Testament Leviticus laws about worshiping other gods from foreign wives, but that has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with pagan religions A christian did. These are your own standards not my standards. So by implication you have assumed that christianity must be sane or coherent or not totally self contradictory. For example its a christian complaining that other christian sects are literally quoting the bible on irrelevant passages and like crazies thinking they mean something different. This is the beauty of it, its not me saying these things its you saying it yourself. So unless you can believe that >They always quote Old Testament Leviticus laws about worshiping other gods from foreign wives can at the same time be totally about race mixing and is not about race mixing you have a problem. A problem the OP is complaining about. So unless you can literally damage your brain(lobotomy, brain rot, retardation) to not see this talk as a problem... you have a problem. And even if you decide that reason is from satan and getting a lobotomy will remove satans evil brain parts(sillier things did happen in christian history) you removed yourself from the discussion you will be unable to function in society. Evolution in action, the inferior specimen with the god mutation kill themselves or remove themselves from reproducing. For everyone who is not damaging their brain and complaining that this is a problem... welcome to the first steps to atheism. Once you realize every christian sect is doing the same thing you realize nothing about this makes sense. Where do you think atheism came from? It was the result of Christianity, Christians killed one another over theological differences then a secular society was made by Christians to stop all the kilning (keep religion out of government). Then after seeing all the differences without the fear of the other sect killing you over something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONAcOeAa9D0 (Yes for real) You realize that these people are crazy or something is wrong with them since the words they are quoting has little or nothing to do with the political point the preacher is shilling. All it takes for you to be honest and look the same way with the same standard you yourself are using on your own sect of christieanity and honestly admit that your arguments make no sense in the same way. Once more these are your own standards you are moaning about. If you don't see a problem OP why did you make this thread? Why are you even talking about this topic? These are your standards and you are refusing to change them. I argue that what makes you upset and see these contradictions is reason something that evolved and is inborn in most humans , this reason is what evolved and allowed technology and progress to exist. However that's my idea and you don't need to even believe it. To play devils advocate here, and make you better understand. >Whats your problem DUDE? Some say the bible is totally against race mixing in these passages other say they are about different things. like what is your problem? Why are you so obsessed over this, get like more positive man. Be like Jesus and be love man. Once more you are in pain and discomfort because this is based on your own nature a inborn reason. If this is not a problem why are you making these threads? These are your own standards and your own discomfort not my standards pushed on you. Try to answer this without posting one of your MS paint pictures, thank you.
>>1386 Disagreements between adherents to a worldview don't constitute contradictions in said worldview. Atheists disagree on lots of things, some atheists are feminists and some are ardent anti-feminists. Some atheists don't even believe in evolution or the big bang. This doesn't make the atheistic worldview contradictory to itself. It just means there are disagreements between atheists.
>>1382 just another dreamer dreaming he is awake. I will pray for you to awaken, oh silly sleeper.
>>1404 >some atheists are feminists and some are ardent anti-feminists Nice I will save this every time a christian tries to play a card >X atheist did this you are Y atheists now apologize for X !!!!! >atheistic There is no atheistic whatever. Atheism is not an ideology its not a thing. There are no holy books you can equally say: >Oh you non-christians you disagree with other non-christians all the time. >See this Muslim who is not a christian disagrees with this Buddhist who is also not a christian >Oh the non-christian world view. Going back to you you have a book and simple literal analysis should make everyone understand what the book says. If you have a splinter faction who insists that the lord of the rings is about intergalactic travel and features planet destroying star ships multiple times and planets are destroyed in the story like in star wars... You got some insane crazies there. Then you realize every single other christian sect is doing the same thing and insisting like crazies that their interpretation is in the text. Then all you need to do is look in the metaphorical mirror and realize that all your own bible interpretations are equally nonsensical.
>>1417 >I will save this every time a christian tries to play a card Please do. It's a composition fallacy. >Atheism is not an ideology its not a thing Atheism is an affirmative position that there is no God (literally, absence of theos) If you don't want to call it an ideology, fine whatever In exact contradiction with the secular narrative, you the atheist are proving yourself to be the immature & emotional one who can't carry intelligent conversation. Imagine my shock.


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