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Help Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 02:15:09 Id:b2552b No. 752
I'm a zoomer and I have always considered my self "Christian" but I have no clue what brand of Christianity I fall under or I should choose. As of recent, I have been identifying as catholic but frankly, I have no idea.
>>752 Cont. Just to get this out the way because someone is going to ask. I'm a Paleoconservative, Traditionalist, race-realist/Identitarian, and I read the KJV. Question?; Is there a brand of Christianity that acknowledges race, is anti-jew and just based in general?
Christianity is intrinsically anti-jew but all of our institutions are ostensibly comped right now. I wish I could tell you there was a racially aware denomination with sound theology, but there isn't. This is a secondary issue anyway to the primary issues of theological significance, so you need to start there. From the outset, we can eliminate all mainline churches for reasons I'm sure you're already aware. This leaves evangelical Protestantism, traditional Catholicism, and eastern orthodoxy as your broad categories. What do you know about the reformation and the five solae? Have you read the NT?
(1.51 MB 2304x6218 US Christian Tiers.png)
>>754 To be 100% honest, I have just got into Christianity as a whole and I don’t know a whole lot
>>757 Well this is the right place Here's denominationalism 101 Christianity is the worship of Christ, God in the flesh who died as a sacrifice for our sins. A denomination is a group of Christians with certain shared convictions about Christian life and worship who associate on these principles. Everyone refers to himself as orthodox. Everyone refers to himself as Catholic. It is our obligation to discern who has credible claims on there terms in light of church history and scripture. The single biggest issue at hand is the doctrine of salvation. What is the nature of the gospel, the good news about Christ? How can I share in the gift of eternal life? In the western church, your two basic options are Protestant and Roman Catholic. Protestants affirm the five solae of the Reformation in the 16th century, most importantly sola fide. You are saved by faith alone. Protestantism is further divided into a number of different traditions based on other theological positions. This is in contrast with Rome's doctrine of salvation being allegedly via works. In the Roman Catholic world you can either affirm the current pope or be a sedevacantist.
>>758 Reading that, I don’t agree with the current (((pope))), so I guess I would be a Sedevacantist Catholic
>>759 Most people find it an untenable position. It's very edgy. If papal supremacy is legitimate and instituted by God, how could it be that the pope is illegitimate, and for how long has the pope been illegitimate? It's basically Sunni vs Shia Islam, the two groups have competing claims about legitimate inheritance of right to rule. Just be a Protestant. Base your faith on scripture as the supreme authority, not tradition, and you don't have to bend over backwards to justify the pope problem.
>>759 There is also Orthodoxy.
>>761 There isn't any orthodox churches within <6 miles of my house. I have found a baptist church that uses the KJV so I would like to go there.
>>762 Nice Feel free to post back itt and tell us what you thought
>>763 I love the active responses and the fact y’all help me decide come to my faith, thx Now that that’s sorted, what would be some good, basic Christian studies?
(158.86 KB 1076x726 Screenshot (3).png)
>>765 Well for starters get into a daily prayer routine along with reading the Bible. Here is an example of a layout used for reading the Bible in one year. You can also start with watching the Bible Project videos which help with giving a pretty basic overview before you dive really deep into theology and apologetics. The Bible Project Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVfwlh9XpX2Y_tQfjeln9QA
>>765 The plain Bible, no commentary needed. I would recommend Matthew, John, Acts, Romans, Hebrews, and 1&2 Corinthians. You can reevaluate what you want to read next after that, maybe Genesis to revelation or maybe get on a calendar reading plan. If you're English proficient I recommend the NASB. It's supposed to be at the 12th grade reading level. CSB is practically the same but at an easier 7th grade level. ESV is fine too. KJV is pretty but arguably based on inferior source manuscripts, you won't be led into error though. Avoid paraphrase/dynamic equivalence translations (NLT, the message) and "gender inclusive" translations (2011 NIV, NRSV). I personally focus better listening to a recording than reading the page, they're all over YouTube or the blue letter bible app has a reader built in
>>766 The Bible project smells like soy if you ask me
>>768 That's why I said they provide a basic overview. I think in the format they provide, key concepts can be retained more effectively for beginners than an hour long sermon will. It also depends on the type of learner someone is. I would listen to homilies and Bible lessons while I did chores or drive, but for others they need visual aids and what not.
>>767 I'm just starting out so I might just go with the CSB and than work my way up
>>777 Can you have a *little* bit of confidence in yourself? >uhhh guys I'm a zoomer and I can't do anything without someone holding my hand. maybe I'll just read a children's bible since I'm so incompetent. Just read the bible! You don't need a class on it, just keep reading the KJV for now. >>759 Don't be edgy, start going to Catholic mass and when you actually start learning things about the church you can decide if you want some position like Sedevacantism, or maybe even Orthodoxy. Based on this >>753 you sound like you would like Catholicism, as many groypers do. But remember, the church you choose should be the one that seems to be true, not the one that you like.
>>777 nice digits btw
>>779 I apologize. I just needed some direction and was just throwing out ideas because frankly, I have no idea but thanks to your guys help I am starting embrace the faith
>>781 *to embrace the faith
>>781 I don't mean to confuse you, but he's giving you bad advice. The CSB is in no way a children's bible, it's a serious academic translation that will give you much more clarity than the KJV. Also, don't start going to catholic mass just because he said you should. The fact that he pushes eastern churches before a protestant church just goes to show that he's placing anti-protestant bias before actual matters of theology. Go to your baptist church like you intended. If you find something that doesn't seem right, see if the Bible can confirm or rebuke it.
>>783 Most people don't have the ability to discern the proper meaning from the Bible on their own, which is why I will always advocate for Catholicism and Orthodoxy over protestantism. Not everyone needs to be a theological scholar, most people need to be led. Also I advocated for Catholic mass because he said he's already identifying in that way, possibly because of his upbringing or friend group; community is an important aspect of the faith. You reading a anti-protestant bias into my post was correct, but unfounded, showing your own bias. Imagine telling a new Christian to go to a Baptist church and refute their theology with a book he hasn't even read yet. You're leading him down a Baptist path just as I'm trying to lead him to Catholicism.
>>784 No, I'm encouraging him to stick with his original plan. He should go and see, then think about it. Protestantism does not stand for self-guided interpretation, that's a meme talking point. The difference you're actually referring to is that a protestant church doesn't ask you to hold a doctrine implicitly merely because the church has made a decree, but only based on scripture. Imagine instulting someone who's earnestly asking questions and thinking you have room to criticize someone else's advice. I hope he's taking notes on the e-papist character problem.
>>783 That Baptist Church near me is pretty based as well as the demographics surrounding it.
What is protestantism except finding a pastor who will parrot your own beliefs back at you? There's no teaching there, only vanity. >>790 I know race-realism is based, but that shouldn't play a huge part in choosing a church. Don't use religion as an accessory to your paleocon politics. Not that you are, but I've seen people like you who do just that.
(116.22 KB 675x983 c s lewis.jpg)
>>798 >What is protestantism except finding a pastor who will parrot your own beliefs back at you? There's no teaching there, only vanity. stay ignorant
>>798 I don't won't my politics to decide my faith but I want something that wouldn't contradict my beliefs and would be better on a spiritual level
>>752 If Catholic, read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it displays many issues the clergy is often silent about, be warned though because some of it will scandalize you, other times it will make you scream "BASED". The Catholic Church only teaches that the Bible is infallible on the matters of morals, faith, and salvation, while protestantism mostly teaches that the Bible is wholly infallible (this is where they lose themselves when an atheist knocks them down using "science"). Protestants for the most part agrees on the five solae https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_solae The Catechism (rejected by traditionalist Catholics): http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM Roman Catechism (accepted by traditionalist Catholics): http://www.saintsbooks.net/books/The%20Roman%20Catechism.pdf t. Catholic
(821.54 KB 1920x1080 watch_v=Smana2aJxkQ_00_02_32.569.jpg)
>>860 Traditionalists do not reject the new catechism, they merely add a bunch of asterisks to the text and generally have the correct understanding that the developments of V2 cannot be understood in a vacuum but only under the light of previous councils and of Church tradition. Only sedes outright reject V2, traditionalists are only cautious about the language and the ambiguities of the ecumenical language. That's it.
>>863 Is there a compilation of those "asterisks"? Doing it on my own is tedious work.
>>752 Zoomer here also Just follow the Branch your parents follow except if it's some weird hipster brand of christianity also question is kissing that really sinful? My Girlfriend wants me and her to go to this christian meetings why have at lunch I forgot what she called the meeting thing it's basically were they play games eat and talk about the lord their always on a Tuesday during lunch I don't want to be looked down upon from my peers so I don't think I should be so rowdy like I mostly am with her (when i mean rowdy I mean playful and kissy she's the same way also) to me it seems kind of cringe to go to this meetings but eh
>>752 Read the Bible and see which denomination lines up with it.
>>1211 This but unironically.
Stop larping and start living it. Pray for guidance my lad. Some madascarian cookie baking blogpost isn't going to give the answer that's right for you. Remember that God knows every atom of your existence, he knows your journey to salvation, and only he can guide you.
>>899 OP here and, woah this thread is still alive? Anyway, My parents aren't very religious but do identify as christian. I've decided to take the Baptist route.
>>1389 Ok choice. Make sure to read the Gospels
>>752 I personally did not believe in any God until I was 16. I effectively ended up cursing myself on accident by drawing a pentagram on my hand to mess with some kids when I was 15 until a string of bad luck fell upon me. After that I went on a long journey of being Catholic and Protestant trying to find the “church” only to find the actual way of Christ is being led by the Spirit of God to complete certain tasks He needs you to complete. For me this was exposing a pedophile ring in Michigan City that is similar to pizzagate ran by colleges and elites in my area flock to for children. See link below. After a while I reached the climax of my mission when I told them to repent and dialed 911 just now. Cops are finally on it I forced them by the power of God. In fact if you can send the cops there frequently and report this anons I would appreciate it. I had to complete this mission alone and it was level 7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14_XCE7osdzvTVyLLQ_OEVhKQBOyHLw669zLiIenBu_g
>>1400 I say level 7 because I have been sent on numerous missions by God now. Level 1 missions from God are easy like resisting temptation. Level 2 missions from God are a bit harder like visiting the sick. Level 3 missions from God are even more difficult such as spreading the gospel to random people (anxiety always runs) Level 4 missions are even harder having to let someone homeless stay with you. Level 5 missions are even harder by losing jobs for the expanse of the gospel. Level 6 missions are even harder such as losing family members for the expanse of the gospel. Level 7 missions (the mission I just did) are missions that you risk your life for and puts you under immense pressure from God. In other words taking the risk of being perhaps a martyr for the gospel.
>>1401 However, at level 7 missions the grace puts you in a state of being where you can actually perform miracles. (Also don’t forget your commandments, it is also wise to eat kosher foods look for foods marked with a U and check the animal well being standard). But at level 7 my father who is 66 had prostate cancer and received roughly only 10 treatments (we figured the doctor was giving too much radiation, thus another trial I had to complete) anyway even so I laid hands on my father with olive oil prayed over by Nigerians I give money to and my father no longer has cancer. Now most of you are still on the breast milk of Christianity. What you fail to realize is that God is giving you a task to complete on Earth to make it better no matter how hard it is because ultimately we as His apostles must act. My missions of spreading the gospel, baptizing in the Trinity, and exposing all of these different things finally led me to where I am now. At the expanse of even losing colleges and jobs for the sake of Christ. This is why I can perform miracles now. My fathers PSA is now a 0.4 which means no cancer, this should be impossible to man but not to God. There are times during my missions I thought I was going to collapse and I had no one to assist me, either.
>>754 Satan.
>>756 Being against Jews is satanic.


no cookies?