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Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 13:42:24 Id:3efc13 No. 2076
>tfw this imageboard is already dead already with <1 posts per hour Press t to crucify the board
It was fine until 8kun came back. I never used 8chan and I actually prefer this because 8kun is full of porn.
>>2076 We've always had ~1 pph If you want to change that you can post more often or share the news about us somewhere
>>2078 I've avoided visiting 8kun because I don't want to be added to a three letter agency's watch-list.
>>2076 I just found out about this board desu. How have you guys been spreading the word about this board?
>>2084 We haven't really lol Any ideas are welcome I'll occasionally just post a screenshot of the site on 4pol's Christian threads
>>2079 Wrong. There was 214 PPH when you guys spammed /pol/ with this site, and it slowly dropped off >>2084 Spamming /pol/
>>2091 That was from a spammer. It happened a couple times.
What other christian IBs are there besides this place. I came here reading on endchan that this is where most of the activity is. Has everyone spread out so thin ?
>>2104 8chan is back up as 8kun, so many people have returned to the /christian/ and /christianity/ boards over there. I wouldn't be surprised in a good bunch of anons also dwell in reddit now.
Hello everybody! I just made my own general purpose imageboard website, but I am scared of getting too much traffic. Before I start handing out links... I just now realized that I want to add another board for religions called /rel/ (and perhaps another one for studying more general things) So before I add the religion board and make a thread about how cool Jesus is, was hoping there would be at least other people there as well to s---post about the epicness of praising jebus
>>2104 It's only this and 8kun. There are a couple /rel/ and /christian/ boards on some altchans but there's nobody on them
>>2106 what happened to 8kun and where can i find it now
>>2117 8kun was 8chan 8chan went down at the time of the El paso shooting, but after 4 months it's back up and rebranded at 8kun.top There was serious scrutiny by the traditional media and hotwheels, the founder, went on a tirade against it coming back up. There was drama with people pressuring the companies that are somehow related to supporting the site. Right now they have a free speech focused cloudflare alt and there's by default a disclaimer on every post.
It's a slow board but i like it the way it is. Bigger Christian boards are just too preocupied with shoving opinions in your face and just sticking it out there. Whereas here it's slow enough for these opinions to generate actual discussions.
>>2125 This is the biggest Christian board
>>2127 8kun's boards look huge tho
>>2137 That's from a 8chan, the posts are just migrated. There aren't as many people there yet.
>>2138 What happened to the original /christian/ board? I see posts there but nobody seems to be moderating that place. Also what happened to christchan.is?
>>2214 As far as I can figure, /christian/ was migrated without any involvement of it's mods and there is nobody moderating it now.
>>2215 Honestly 8kun is dead for all I care. Their disclaimer at the end of every post pretty much does it for me.
>>2221 You can turn it off


no cookies?